Updating certificates and custom Apache configurations on legacy systems - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 21.11.2

Gateway Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

Note: This topic applies only to systems that were first set up with versions of BlueCat Gateway before v21.5.1, and whose configuration was not later revised based on current simplified configuration requirements.

Enabling HTTPS requires that TLS/SSL certificates be configured for Gateway's Apache hosts. As of BlueCat Gateway v21.5.1, you store certificates in your Gateway workspace. (See Enabling HTTPS using custom SSL certificates.)

However, if your system was set up prior to v21.5.1, your TLS/SSL certificates may be stored somewhere else, with the location set on Gateway's HTTPS Apache host (in the 000-default-ssl.conf file). As of version 21.11.2, Gateway will no longer recognize the 000-default-ssl.conf file. We strongly recommend that you rename your certificate files to gateway.crt and gateway.key and let Gateway manage them for you through workspaces.

In addition, if you customized other configuration settings directly in 000-default.conf or 000-default-ssl.conf, you must move those settings to the new Global Apache configuration file or HTTP and HTTPS Apache configuration files.