Using Python modules shipped with BlueCat Gateway - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 20.1.1

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BlueCat Gateway

Below is the list of Python libraries which will be insured to be shipped with each version of BlueCat Gateway:

  • Flask
  • Werkzeug
  • Jinja
  • MarkupSafe
  • WTForms
  • ItsDangerous
  • Requests
  • Flask-WTF
  • flask-mail
  • flask-pymongo
  • Flask-SQLAlchemy
  • psycopg2

You can import and use the libraries without having to install them. However, these modules might get updated to a newer version with each release of BlueCat Gateway. You must always have a direct import statement in your workflow if you use the library functionality. You cannot rely on the libraries being always imported in any other modules you use. For example, if you wish to use StringField directly in you code you need to have a corresponding import statement.

from wtforms import StringField

There could be other libraries shipped with BlueCat Gateway. These libraries are subject to change and might be removed or replaced in a future version of BlueCat Gateway. If you would like to use them, please make sure they are installed during each setup.