What is BlueCat Gateway? - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 22.4.1

Gateway Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Gateway
BlueCat Gateway is a platform that lets you automate and transform business requirements into DNS, DDI, DHCP, and IPAM workflows, plugins, and applications. With it, you can do the following:
  • Quickly build turn-key integrations with your existing technology investments.
  • Build zero-touch automation solutions for DNS, DDI, DHCP, and IPAM management. Free your IT teams from time-consuming, error-prone, and repetitive tasks.
  • Automate management and control of repetitive processes, tasks, and functions. Improve your network service's performance and availability.

Most Gateway functionality is implemented as workflows. A workflow is essentially a self-contained feature or process that implements a specific piece of functionality, such as generating reports, configuring security policies, or even adding a user to a user group. Gateway administrators can restrict specific workflows (and their associated UI) to specific user groups.

Workflows often have an associated user interface (UI), but not always. Some workflows exist entirely behind-the-scenes, such as those that run an automated security or caching policy. All workflows include scripts that actually implement their functionality.

There are two main types of workflows:
  • Administrative workflows implement core Gateway features and functionality. You can restrict access to these workflows, but can't otherwise modify them or their scripts.
  • Custom workflows are created by users to perform customized tasks and functionality that are specific to their environment and needs. Development of a custom workflow typically requires significant coding and scripting effort.
Note: If you're using a BlueCat adaptive app or plug-in with your installation of Gateway, that app or plug-in will typically be implemented as a series of workflows. Depending on the app, its workflows might or might not be customizable.
Tip: To learn more about network and DNS terminology, see BlueCat's DNS Glossary on our website.