wtform_extensions module - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 19.8.1

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BlueCat Gateway

WTForm extensions for form templates and useful functions.

WTForm extensions for form templates.

class wtform_extensions.GatewayForm(*args, **kwargs)

Custom Form for generating DNS Gateway Workflows.


Generates JavaScript for re-enabling disabled fields upon reloading the same workflow with an error.

Returns: HTML script snippet with generated JavaScript.

class wtform_extensions.NoPreValidationSelectField(label=None, validators=None, coerce=<class 'str'>, choices=None, **kwargs)

SelectField with no pre-validation of field value against possible choices. Useful if choices are dynamically populated.


Pre-validate method being overwritten to no longer perform validation.

wtform_extensions.validate_element_in_tuple(index_of_value_to_validate, validator)

Use this function when you have an element in a tuple that needs to be validated, but it is not the first element of the tuple.

Parameter Description
index_of_value_to_validate Index of the tuple in choices to validate using the validator.
validator The validator function to use when validating the value at the given index of the tuple.