Docker commands - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 19.8.1

Gateway Installation Guide

BlueCat Gateway

This section contains tables of commonly used Docker commands and flags. For a complete list of Docker commands click here.

Table. Common Docker commands
Command Description
docker login <repository domain> Specify login credentials for a specific repository.
docker pull image_name Download a particular image (from specified repository sources).
docker images List all images present locally.
docker rmi <image_name|image_id> Remove the image.
docker ps List all running containers.
docker ps -a List all containers
docker run [options] <image_name|image_id> Run the docker image with specified options.
docker stop <container_name|container_id> Stop a running container.
docker rm <container_name|container_id> Remove a stopped container.
docker logs Look at logs for a running or stopped container.
docker kill Kill one or more running containers.
docker cp <container:path_to_file> <dest_path> Copy the file from inside the container to your local host machine.
docker restart <container> Restart the container.
docker rename <container> <new name> Rename the container.
docker exec -it <container name> bash Runs an interactive bash shell on a running container.
Table. Docker Flags
Command Description
docker run -t Allocate a pseudo-tty.
docker run -d Run container in detached mode.
docker run -p Specify port mapping.
docker run -v Map a volume.