OPTIONAL: Adding Third-Party Python libraries - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 18.6.1

Gateway Installation Guide

BlueCat Gateway

Install third-party Python libraries to the DNS Integrity Gateway.

Any pure Python libraries not included in the DNS Integrity Gateway can be added to the <dns_integrity_gateway>/ps/integrations directory and imported into your workflows. The imported libraries will persist when restarting or removing the DNS Integrity Gateway container or during future software upgrades as the directory exists outside of the DNS Integrity Gateway container.
Note: Any imported third-party packages must pure Python libraries; they cannot be packages that require system dependencies.

Packages can be downloaded from the web or using pip. You must run the included dns_integrity_gateway.py script to generate the source folder/files which can then be copied over to the <dns_integrity_gateway>/ps/integrations folder.

You can install third-party Python libraries on a machine with or without an Internet connection.