Prerequisites - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 18.6.1

Gateway Installation Guide

BlueCat Gateway
You must complete the following before you install the BlueCat DNS Integrity Gateway.
  • Two (2) BlueCat Address Manager 6000 appliances running software version 8.1.1 or greater.

    Ensure the BAM appliances are configured with the following:

    • At least one configuration
    • IPv4 address assigned to the BAM server must be reachable by the DNS Integrity Gateway
      Important: The DNS Integrity Gateway does not need to be on the same subnet as the Address Manager server, however, you must set necessary network routing to ensure that the DNS Integrity Gateway and Address Manager can communicate.
Note: The DNS Integrity Gateway requires a PortalGroup UDF for the Named User Object Type, as well as a designated DNS Integrity Gateway user with GUI and API access privileges to be created in Address Manager. However, you can create the PortalGroup UDF and DNS Integrity Gateway user after you have completed installation of the DNS Integrity Gateway. For further information on setting up Address Manager, refer to the Address Manager Administration Guide.