Setting workflow permissions through manual configuration - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 18.6.1

Gateway Installation Guide

BlueCat Gateway

Manually edit permissions for user access to DNS Integrity Gateway workflows.

  1. From your local workstation, open the permissions.json file located in the <dns_integrity_gateway> directory.
  2. Under "admin", add the PortalGroup UDF value or the user group name under "workflow_permissions". For example, if you created a DNS Integrity Gateway user in BAM with the value ‘all’ for the PortalGroup UDF, but also want to grant access to the "DNS_Integrity-Gateway_admins" user group, then the permissions.json file would look like this:
        "admin": {
            "workflow_export_import": [
            "workflow_permissions": [

  3. Save the permissions.json file.
  4. From the Linux client, restart the DNS Integrity Gateway using any of the following commands to implement your changes:
    • python run --uid <number>
      • uid—any valid numerical value (uid cannot be zero); BlueCat recommends a uid of 500 or greater in order to avoid conflicts with internal container users. The uid (user ID) maps the Python Flask user inside the DNS Integrity Gateway container to the Linux client.
    • docker exec portal service apache2 restart
      Note: This command can be run from any directory.
    • docker attach portal
      service apache2 restart
      Note: The first command attaches to the DNS Integrity Gateway container then the second command tells the apache server to restart.