Workflow basics - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 18.12.1

Gateway Installation Guide

BlueCat Gateway

This section describes setting workflow permissions, how to create a workflow in the user interface, and how to restart or remove the BlueCat Gateway container.

Administrative workflows

BlueCat Gateway administrators have immediate access to the following administrative workflows in the BlueCat Gateway user interface (AVAILABLE ACTIONS > Administration):

The Administrative workflows are located inside the container image, and are overwritten with each BlueCat Gateway release. The Administrative workflows are no longer available for export, and are not visible on the Administration > Workflow Export/Import screen. You cannot add your workflows to the Administration folder or create new workflows with the same endpoint as any Administrative workflow.

  • Create workflow—create the template/skeleton for a GUI or REST API workflow.
  • Encrypt password—set the path where you will store an encrypted password for Flask-mail or MongoDB.
  • External DB/Mail Configuration—configure settings to your optional mongoDB and SMTP mail settings.
  • General Configuration—configure BAM settings, customize the appearance of the user interface, upload SSL certificates, and define log settings.
  • Group Settings—set default landing pages for specific user groups and show/hide the Help & Documentation hyperlink in the BlueCat Gateway user interface for specific user groups.
  • Workflow Export/Import—import or export a workflow; perform a GitHub Import of Certified Example Workflows.
  • Workflow Permissions—set user access permissions for workflows.