Configuring the Search Order - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 23.1

Global Server Selector Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Gateway

You can configure the order in which regions are searched for DNS Answers. Use the Search Order configuration to choose which answers are presented to clients based on the client region.

To configure the search order:
  1. On the Global Server Selector page, select the Search Order tab.
  2. Under Search Order, set the following parameters:
    • Client Region—the configured client regions. The value is predefined depending on the initial setup.
    • Region_1 to Region_4—the search order for the respective client regions based on the best answer for that region. Select the search region by clicking the drop-down menu in each region number. The priority of search order is as follows, from highest to lowest search priority:
      • Region_1
      • Region_2
      • Region_3
      • Region_4
  3. Click Apply to save the setting.

Setting the default client region

The default client region is the fallback search order for every other region. If a default region search order is set, it is the original host record that is updated instead of updating a RPZ zone. The fallback IP address that is configured in the Answers list is the fallback answer for the region.

For all other client regions, it will first search its own search order. If there are no answers within its own search order, it will fallback to the default regions search order. If there are no answers in the default regions search order, then the fallback IP address that is set in the Answers tab is returned as an answer.