Installing GSS on a BDDS with DNS service - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 24.1

Global Server Selector Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway
Attention: If you are installing GSS on a BDDS running software version 9.5.0, connection tracking is automatically enabled when you enable the Gateway service. The following section outlines steps to enable connection tracking when installing GSS on BDDS v9.4.0 or earlier.

If you are installing GSS on a DNS/DHCP Server, BlueCat recommends running GSS on a dedicated server to ensure that the maximum performance of the GSS application and DNS service on the DNS/DHCP Server.

If you must deploy GSS on a DNS/DHCP Server that is also configured with DNS service, ensure that your DNS/DHCP Server has sufficient capacity to run both DNS service and GSS. You must also enable connection tracking, impacting the DNS performance by reducing the maximum QPS throughput. Ensure that the DNS/DHCP Server with DNS and GSS service configured is operating in an environment with low DNS traffic.

When DNS roles are deployed to a DNS/DHCP Server, connection tracking is disabled for DNS tracking to improve the performance when the server is under heavy load. On a server that is also running the GSS application, connection tracking is required for DNS traffic. This ensures that GSS can communicate with the DNS servers and responses from the servers are routed to GSS.

Before deploying GSS on the DNS/DHCP Server with the DNS role, you must enable connection tracking.

To enable connection tracking:
  1. Log in to the DNS/DHCP Server using SSH and the root account with the following command:
    ssh root@<bdds-ip-address>
  2. Create a enable_dns_conntrack file with the following command:
    touch /etc/bcn/enable_dns_conntrack
  3. Restart the DNS/DHCP Server if DNS service is running using the following command:

If the enable_dns_conntrack file exists, connection tracking will not be disabled to ensure that GSS can query and update DNS.

Once you have successfully enabled connection tracking, you can proceed to install GSS on the DNS/DHCP Server. For more information, refer to Installing GSS on a BDDS.