Performing a Disaster Recovery - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 24.1

Global Server Selector Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

When an event occurs where you must switch to the DR node, you can navigate to the DR answer page within GSS and disable the link between the Switch and Production nodes. Once this has occurred, GSS updates all DNS records to point to the DR answers, ensuring that the regional nodes are updated to use the DR node.

Once the Production node has been restored, you can restore the traffic going to the Production node by enabling the link between the Switch and Production nodes. Since the cost value of the enabled link is lower than the cost value to the DR node, the regional nodes use the link to the Production side.

In the event that Address Manager and the Primary DNS server are unavailable, the DR update can be performed through the API. In this scenario, only update the available regional DNS server.
Note: Performing these changes outside of the primary GSS instance may cause inconsistencies in configurations, as the primary GSS instance retains the up-to-date information and secondary GSS instances may not contain up-to-date information in their database. BlueCat recommends only working from the primary GSS instance.