Reviewing the DNS configuration - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 23.1

Global Server Selector Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

Before proceeding with the GSS configuration, review the DNS configurations to ensure that you have not missed any DNS settings.

The following example configuration depicts the intended DNS configuration to work with the GSS Adaptive Application.

In the example configuration, there are two regions: Tokyo and Toronto.

Primary DNS Server configuration

In the Primary DNS Server, the Allow Dynamic Update DNS deployment option with a TSIG key is configured at the View level. At the gss.bluecat zone level, the DNS Primary deployment role is set. GSS uses this zone to store the application configuration and state.

Region configuration

In each region configuration, there is at least one DNS Cache (recursive) DNS server for the RPZ zone deployment. For the DNS Cache server to retrieve the changes from the Primary DNS server using zone transfers, a DNS Stealth Secondary deployment role is set on the relevant RPZ zone (<region>.rpz.gss.bluecat). At the View level, there is a DNS Raw deployment option set for the corresponding RPZ zone (<region>.rpz.gss.bluecat). This option enables the zone to become a RPZ zone.