Updating ACLs and sortlist options - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 24.1

Global Server Selector Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

Linking GSS regions and sub-regions to IP address spaces creates a mapping that must be converted to DNS options before it can be deployed to a DNS server.

The match-client DNS options are added when Regions with separate views are created. Additional DNS options are added when RPZ options are assigned. These options can be updated and extended to add IP address space information using the ACL Management workflows in GSS.

To update match-clients ACLs and sortlist options:
  1. In the left navigation, click DNSTrafficSteering > ACLs > ACL Management. The regions are listed together with the associated IP address ranges. The current values in the ACLs to be updated are also shown.
  2. Select the regions to be updated.
  3. Click Run Now.

Match-clients ACLs are updated for client regions that have a separate view. DNS raw options for sortlist will be created at the view level for the servers where RPZ options have been assigned.

Once you have updated the ACLs and sortlist options, deploy the changes to the relevant DNS/DHCP Servers running DNS service. For more information on performing a deployment, refer to Manual deployment in the Address Manager Administration Guide.