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Hybrid DNS Update Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

Hybrid DNS Update uses Server objects in Address Manager to represent authoritative DNS services and the Primary or Hidden Primary role on a DNS zone to identify where to send changes for that zone.

To add a new DNS service, you must first create an Other DNS Server object in Address Manager to represent that service. When configuring the Server fields, make note of the following configuration fields:
  • IPv4 Address—this field is not used by Hybrid DNS Update and can be configured as 127.x.x.x to avoid conflicts with actual servers.
  • Hostname—this is not used by Hybrid DNS Update but appears in the Address Manager UI. Provide a description of the service in hostname format.

For more information, refer to the Adding Other DNS Servers section in the Address Manager Administration Guide.

Add a Hidden Primary DNS role to the DNS zones or DNS views that are to be managed by this DNS service.
Note: If the data in the IPv4 Address and Hostname fields are not valid, the Server object should only be used with Hidden Primary DNS role.