Configuring Server Credentials - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 22.1

Hybrid DNS Update Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway
The Server Credentials workflow is used to configure a Server object with credentials for an external DNS service.
  1. Under Configuration, select the configuration in Address Manager where the Server object is found.
  2. Under DNS Primary, select the Server object to be configured.
  3. Under Server Type, select the type of server to configure. Depending on the server type, configure the following additional information:
    Server Type Configuration
    BlueCat DNS If required, select a TSIG Key to use when sending dynamic updates.

    The BlueCat DNS server must be configured to accept dynamic updates from Hybrid DNS Update either from IP address ACL or with TSIG authentication.

    Windows DNS Enter the Username and Password to connect to the selected server for running remote Powershell commands.

    If required, use the Powershell Configuration option to select a specific PSSessionConfiguration.

    AWS Route 53 Enter the Access Key ID and associated Secret Access Key to access Amazon Route 53 APIs.

    If you are creating private zones using these credentials, specify the VPC where zones created should be visible.

    Azure DNS Select the Azure Resource Group to be managed and provide a Credential JSON file generated by Azure tools.
    GCP Server Select the Project ID to be managed and provide a Credential JSON file generated by GCP tools.
  4. Click Add.