Configuring the Server Credentials UDF - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 22.1

Hybrid DNS Update Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway
The Server Credentials UDF is a text field that is added to the server object and represents an external DNS provider. The UDF is updated by the Server Credentials workflow and APIs, and is used by Hybrid DNS Update to store parameters and credentials required to update the external provider.
Attention: The Server Credentials UDF is a required UDF to use Hybrid DNS Update

The server credentials are encrypted using the secret_key value from the BlueCat Gateway configuration, and stored in Address Manager. For more information on configuring the secret key, refer to the Set secret key section of the BlueCat Gateway Administration Guide.

To add the Server Credentials UDF:
  1. Expand the User Defined Field section.
  2. Select Server Credentials as the Display Name.
  3. Select Server as the Object Type.
  4. Click Submit.