Updating resource records - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 22.1

Hybrid DNS Update Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

The Hybrid DNS Update Adaptive Application performs instant updates to authoritative DNS data in the target server platforms on specific zones as identified by the server with the Primary or Hidden Primary DNS role. All changes are updated in Address Manager before they are applied to the specified DNS server platform.

Changes are always applied immediately in the DNS authority. There might be delays after the change as been performed, as the changes must propagate throughout the DNS infrastructure before the updated records can be resolved by the clients.
Attention: The update fails if no Primary or Hidden Primary DNS role exists within the target zone.

Supported resource record types

You can create the following resource record types using Hybrid DNS Update:
Resource Record Type Address Manager Object Type Supported Server Platforms
A Host Record All
AAAA Host Record All
PTR Generic Record All
CNAME Alias Record All
MX Mail Exchange Record All
SRV Service Record All
TXT Text Record, Generic Record All
NAPTR Naming Authority Pointer BlueCat, AWS, GCP
HINFO Host Info Record BlueCat, Windows
NS Generic Record All
CAA Generic Record All
Note: For Windows DNS, the CAA record type required Windows Server 2016 or later.