Setting JavaScript access to Address Manager API - BlueCat vRO Plug-in - 7.3.0

IPAM Automation Guide

BlueCat vRO Plug-in

In order to access the Address Manager API from a vRO workflow, you must make some changes to your vRO server JavaScript settings.

To allow access to the all Address Manager API, perform the following changes to your vRO server:

  1. Create the following in the /etc/vco/app-server directory:
  2. Add the following line in the rhino-class-shutter-file:
  3. Save the configuration.
  4. Log in to the VMware vRealize Orchestrator Control Center user interface as root. The Control Center page opens.
  5. Under Monitor and Control, select System Properties. The System Properties page opens in the main page.
  6. Click NEW.... A pop-up window opens.
  7. Set the following properties:
    • Key—enter com.vmware.scripting.rhino-class-shutter-file
    • Value—enter /etc/vco/app-server/rhino-class-shutter-file
    • Description—enter the description of the system property. For example, "Configure JavaScript access to additional Java classes."
  8. Click Add.
  9. Click Save changes from the pop-up window.
  10. Restart the server.
For details on how to use actions, please refer to VMware vRealize Orchestrator documentation.