Discovery probe list (JSON format) - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 22.1

Network Discovery Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

The Discovery Probe list is a list of docker containers that run discovery probes for the Network Discovery app. This list is specified in the discovery_probe_list.json file, stored with the rest of the Network Discovery configuration files. Direct manipulation of the list in discovery_probe_list.json can be useful for automated or scripted deployments.

Tip: Most users do not need to set or edit this list in the JSON file. Instead, they can add or delete discovery probes from the Network Discovery UI.

You can specify an initial list in JSON format with the DISCOVERY_PROBE_LIST setting when you first deploy Network Discovery, or later when you edit the discovery_probe_list.json file later in the app's configuration file folder.

The format of DISCOVERY_PROBE_LIST (as a JSON snippet) is:
Parameter Description
<probe_name> The name of the discovery probe.
<probe_user> The username for signing in to the discovery probe instance.
<probe_pass> The encrypted password for signing in to the discovery probe instance.
<probe_url> The URL for the probe instance.