Running an IPv4 Reconciliation Policy - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 22.1

Network Discovery Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

Reconciliation Policies are typically applied on a schedule, but you can run them immediately if needed.

To run an IPv4 Reconciliation Policy:

  1. From Gateway, click Network Discovery (in the left sidebar), select IPv4, and click Run-now IPv4 Reconciliation Policy.
  2. In Configuration, enter the Configuration used when discovering the network.
  3. In Policy name, enter the name of the Policy to run.
  4. Click Run-now.

After you start running a Policy, wait at least 1 minute for the JSON file to be updated in the BAM user interface.

To see the current status of a running policy:

  1. From a browser, go to the Discovery Probe's API endpoint at <URL>/api/v1 (where <URL> is the URL for the Discovery Probe machine).
  2. From management_ipv4_recon_policies, select Get the latest run-now status of a schedule policy.
  3. Enter the Configuration name and Policy name in the corresponding fields, then click Execute.