Verifying docker deployment - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 22.1

Network Discovery Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

After deploying Network Discovery, you can verify it from BlueCat Gateway.

To check the docker deployment status from BlueCat Gateway:

  • In Gateway, on the left sidebar, click Network Discovery and then click Installation.

    If deployment of a Network Discovery probe was successful, you'll see a green check mark next to the probe. It is safe to continue with the rest of Network Discovery setup and configuration.

    Errors or failures during docker deployment are shown in this section. Any errors must be addressed before further Network Discovery setup.

Resolving deployment errors

If deployment for a probe was unsuccessful, the Installation page shows a red cross next to the probe name. To view the specific error, hover over the red cross icon.

Typically, you can resolve errors by editing settings in Network Discovery's configuration files. (For more details, see Edit and adjust configuration files and settings.) To resolve errors in specific areas:

  • Discovery Probe credentials: Check and correct the API username, API password, probe name, and probe URL settings.

  • BAM SSH Connection: Check and correct the BAM SSH username and BAM SSH password settings.

  • Management Connection: Check and correct API username, API password, and Management API fields.

  • BAM SSH Connection and Management Connection: Check and correct the BAM SSH username, BAM SSH password, API username, API password, and Management API fields

  • If probes have stopped: Click Submit to restart the discovery probes.

When finished resolving errors, click Submit.