Reporting Package - Adaptive Plugins - BlueCat Gateway - 20.6.1

Reporting Package Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Gateway

BlueCat Adaptive Plugins are scripts that integrate the BlueCat Adaptive DNS platform, DNS Integrity, with third-party IT applications and services, or automate common tasks and workflows. These Adaptive Plugins help optimize existing IT investments, providing instant access and integration of BlueCat into a broader ecosystem of solutions.

The Report Package is an Adaptive Plugin that helps network teams eliminate manual data maintenance and gain actionable insights from industry standard network reports. This package produces the following reports:
  • BlueCat Appliance Model Report
  • DHCP Utilization Report
  • Multiple Default Gateway Detection Report
  • NTP Stratum and Offset Report
  • Patch Report
  • Servers by Firmware Version Report
  • Subnet Report
  • User Login Report
  • Version Report