Configuring the default gateway - BlueCat Address Manager - 8.3.0

VM Installation Guide

BlueCat Address Manager

After setting the IP address and netmask in Interface Configuration mode, you need to set the default network gateway. For more information, refer to the chapter, "Administration Console" in the Address Manager Administration Guide.

To configure the default gateway:
  1. From Main Session Mode, type configure network and press ENTER.
    Proteus> configure network
  2. Type set default-gateway <ipv4_gateway_address> and press ENTER.
    Proteus:configure:network> set default-gateway
  3. Type save and press ENTER. The Administration Console saves your settings and displays the newly configured network gateway.
    Proteus:configure:network> save
  4. Type exit and press ENTER until you return to Main Session Mode.
    Proteus:configure:network> exit