DNS/DHCP Server firewall - BlueCat Integrity - 9.3.0

VM Installation Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity
You should ONLY disable the firewall for testing, debugging, or diagnostic purposes.
Warning: The DNS/DHCP Server firewall is enabled by default. it's used to secure the server against attack. BlueCat strongly advises against disabling the firewall. Disabling the firewall should only be performed for servers in a secure environment and only for short periods of time.


    payload: |
            "version": "1.0.0",
            "services": {
                "firewall": {
                    "configurations": [
                            "firewallConfiguration": {
                                "enable": true,
                                "allowPing": true
  • enable—set to true to enable DNS/DHCP Server firewall service; set to false to disable DNS/DHCP Server firewall service.
  • allowPing—set to true to enable ping service; set to false to disable ping service.
    • When enabled, you can ping the DNS/DHCP Server but the DNS/DHCP Server cannot ping other devices. If you try to ping other devices from the DNS/DHCP Server, you will receive the following error:
      ping: sendmsg: Operation not permitted
    • This option cannot be configured on DNS/DHCP Servers operating in an xHA pair.