Provisioning ESX VMs using cloud-init - BlueCat Address Manager - 8.3.0

VM Installation Guide

BlueCat Address Manager

Set license and IP information for your ESX virtual machine using cloud-init configuration data.

What is cloud-init?

cloud-init allows for easy initialization of virtualization and cloud instances. Address Manager and DNS/DHCP Server v8.3.1 ESX virtual machines support provisioning of BlueCat licence and IP address information using cloud-init configuration data in valid YAML syntax.
Note: Cloud-init provisioning is only supported on standalone ESX virtual machines; BAM in replication or BDDS xHA not supported.
Note: The following task is based on the vSphere Web Client. Menu selections might differ in vSphere desktop clients.

  1. Deploy the OVA template making sure to keep the VM powered off once deployment is complete.
  2. Set the cloud-init configuration data using VMware Tools, or modify the VMX file directly using the vSphere CLI. For more information, refer to
  3. Update the cloud-init configuration data:

    cloud-init configuration data (includes BlueCat VM license, IP address, and default gateway)

       id: "ANEWCUSTOMER123"
       ipaddr: ""
       cidr: "24"
       gateway: ""
       hostname: "bluecat"
  4. Power on your VM.
When you launch your instance, the VM will be configured with the provided cloud-init configuration data.