Setting the system mode (for Micetro control) - BlueCat Integrity - 9.6.0

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BlueCat Integrity

This section describes how to set the system mode when provisioning DNS/DHCP Servers for control by Micetro software. For more information on the Micetro DNS/DHCP Server implementation, refer to Micetro DNS/DHCP Servers (MDDS).

Note: DNS/DHCP Servers in Micetro mode do not currently support all features and services configurable on standard BlueCat DNS/DHCP Servers (Integrity mode). For a list of supported services that can be configured when provisioning Micetro DNS/DHCP Servers, refer to Feature support and limitations.
Note: Set the system mode only if configuring a DNS/DHCP Server appliance for Micetro control. The default system mode if not specified is integrity, for control of DNS/DHCP Servers with Address Manager.
Note: DNS/DHCP Server appliances cannot be managed simultaenously by both Micetro and Address Manager; DNS/DHCP Servers in Micetro-mode can only be managed by Micetro. Similarly, DNS/DHCP Servers in Integrity-mode can only be managed by Address Manager.
Warning: Allow Ping is disabled by default on new BlueCat DNS/DHCP Servers (Integrity-mode). Setting a DNS/DHCP Server to Micetro-mode will automatically enable Allow Ping on the DNS/DHCP Server. If a DNS/DHCP Server in Micetro-mode is returned to Integrity-mode, Allow Ping will remain enabled on the DNS/DHCP Server, and must be disabled manually through the firewall service configuration to block pings.


  payload: |
      "version": "1.3.0",
      "services": {
        "systemMode": {
          "configurations": [
              "systemModeConfiguration": {
                "mode": "micetro"
  • mode—enter the system mode for the DNS/DHCP Server, either micetro or integrity.