addVMInstance_DHCPReserved - BlueCat vRO Plug-in - 8.1.0-9.3.0

Workflow Guide

Product name
BlueCat vRO Plug-in

The addVMInstance_DHCPReserved action registers a DHCP reserved IP address, and assigns it a subnet mask and gateway in Address Manager. Upon completion, addVMInstance_DHCPReserved returns a map with the keys: IP, netmask, gateway.

Input parameters:
  • profileName—an existing Address Manager connection profile name.
  • configName—an existing Address Manager configuration name.
  • ipAddress—an existing IPv4 block in CIDR format, an existing IPv4 network in CIDR format, or an existing IPv4 network’s range in the format of two IPv4 addresses separated by a hyphen - in the specified Address Manager configuration.
  • viewName—an existing view in the specified Address Manager configuration, or null. If viewName is null, then domainName and hostName are set to null.
  • domainName—an existing domain name (A.K.A a zone) in Address Manager, or null if viewName is null.
  • hostName—a unique, valid record name, or null if viewName is null.
  • allowDuplicateHostname—if specified, it will create duplicate hostnames in DNS. If you have two VMs with the same hostname, the hostname will resolve 50 percent of the time for each IP address.
  • macAddress—a valid MAC address. In order to avoid any issue, the MAC address should be unique.
Return value: A map with the following keys:
  • ip address
  • netmask
  • gateway