Introduction to Gateway - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 23.1

Gateway Installation Guide

Product name
BlueCat Gateway

BlueCat Gateway is a Python-based web platform that lets you create customized and automated workflows for common DNS tasks. Gateway leverages the Address Manager API and the BlueCat Edge API, helping you maximize the efficiency of your enterprise DNS operations.

Key benefits

  • Accessible
    BlueCat Gateway provides optimized access to BlueCat Address Manager for automated workflows, making it easier for users to build an automated environment. With Gateway you can build a customized environment that is:
    • Simplified and self-service focused
    • Reduces human error and potential downtime
    • Instills order and optimizes address space

  • Extensible

    High-level APIs developed with BlueCat’s Python library can be exposed as RESTful endpoints for integrations, creating more reliable, flexible, and, scalable implementations. BlueCat Gateway's high-level APIs are built with BlueCat's Python library. They can be exposed as RESTful endpoints, allowing for fast and simple integrations, making workflow implementations more reliable, flexible, and scalable.

  • Collaborative

    Share your Workflows and RESTful endpoints to allow for internal collaboration on development, testing, and production.