Configuring the SSL connection to Address Manager - BlueCat vRO Plug-in - 8.1.0-9.4.0

IPAM Automation Guide

Product name
BlueCat vRO Plug-in

If you are moving from an earlier version to vRO v8.1.0 and install the new vRO plug-in, you need to reconfigure the SSL connection to Address Manager.

To connect to Address Manager via SSL:

  1. Log in to the VMware vRealize Orchestrator Client user interface.
  2. Under Library, select Workflows.
  3. Select ... next to the Update a profile workflow and select Run.
  4. Under Select a profile, select the empty field.
  5. Under BAM, select the profile to edit.
  6. Press the Select button.
  7. Select the Update profile tab.
  8. Under Update profile, select the Yes radio button under Use SSL.
  9. Click Run to confirm the changes.
  10. Once the changes have been submitted, log in to the VMware vRealize Orchestrator Control Center user interface as root.
  11. Under Manage, click Certificates. The Certificates page opens.
  12. Under Trusted Certificates, click Import > Import from URL.
  13. In the URL field, enter https://Address_Manager_IP or hostname.
  14. Click Import.
  15. Under Import these certificates, confirm the certificate and click Import.
    Note: Once the Trusted Certificates have been imported, you must restart your VMware plug-in server.