Connecting to virtual appliances - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.3.0

BlueCat Azure Virtual Appliances

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BlueCat Address Manager

To connect to your BlueCat Azure Virtual Appliances , you must log in as the bluecat user via SSH with the generated key pair file.

Attention: In accordance with Azure best practices, root login has been removed from BlueCat Azure Virtual Appliances v9.0.0 and greater.
Before you begin
  • Before you connect to Address Manager using SSH, ensure that the Address Manager UI is accessible.
To connect your instances via SSH:
ssh -i <key_pair_file_name> bluecat@<eth0_ip>
After successfully connecting to your instances, you can now access the BlueCat Azure Virtual Appliances command-line interface using sudo su - admin. You can also access the root account using sudo bash.
Note: BlueCat Azure Virtual Appliances virtual appliances include a default SSH client timeout interval of 180 seconds. Customers should be aware of this in the event they are running mixed environments with physical BDDS appliances which have a default SSH client timeout interval of 300 seconds.