Configuring the Admin Settings - Adaptive Plugins - BlueCat Gateway - 1.0

ServiceNow BlueCat DDI Application Configuration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Gateway

The Admin Settings configuration includes setting the username and password you will use to access the BlueCat DDI app.

  1. Log in to ServiceNow.
  2. In the navigator, click BlueCat DDI > Configurations > Admin Settings.
  3. In the Protocol drop-down, select http or https.
  4. In the URL field, enter the IP address of BlueCat Gateway.
  5. In the Gateway User field, enter the BlueCat Gateway username.
  6. In the Gateway User Password field, enter the password.
  7. Select Allow Configuration Selection and Allow View Selection if you want users to select configuration and view. If these checkboxes are not selected, the configuration and view selection will not be visible to the user and the default value is used.
  8. In the Default Configuration field, enter the name of the configuration.
  9. In the Default View field, enter the name of the view.
  10. Click Save.