Downloading and installing from Quay - Adaptive Plugins - BlueCat Gateway - 20.3.0

ExtraHop Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Gateway

  • You must have purchased the ExtraHop Networks Adaptive Plugin from BlueCat.
  • You must have a or a connected GitHub account.
  • You must have a Docker CLI password. You can create one by clicking Generate Encrypted Password under Docker CLI Password on the Account Settings page in Quay.
  • You must have your account name added in the BlueCat Care Portal.

To install the image:
  1. From the server that is running the ExtraHop Networks Adaptive Plugin, run the following commands from the terminal:
    docker login
    Username: <quay_username>
    Password: <quay_password>
  2. Run the image using the following command:
    docker run -d \
    -p <http_port>:8000 \ 
    -p <https_port>:44300 \
    -v <path_to_mapped_log_directory_for_system_logs>:/logs/ \
    -e BAM_IP=<your_bam_ip_address> \
    -name <container_name> \
    Note: Unless otherwise specified, any words in the angle brackets denote variables.