Obtaining AMIs - BlueCat Integrity - 9.3.0

BlueCat AWS Virtual Appliances

Product name
BlueCat Integrity

Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) for BlueCat AWS Virtual Appliances are available on the AWS Marketplace via the EC2 Management Console.

To obtain AMIs:

  1. Navigate to the Application and OS Images (Amazon Machine Image) section of the instance configuration page.
  2. In the search bar, search for BlueCat. Locate and select the AMI that matches your SKU and version.
    Note: BlueCat AMIs are located in both the AWS Marketplace AMIs and Community AMIs tab. Due to AWS marketplace restrictions, the AMIs listed in the AWS Marketplace AMIs tab are limited to the most recent upload of Address Manager for AWS and DNS for AWS images. If the purchased BlueCat appliance version (i.e. 9.5) and SKU (i.e. cBAM7000) matches the AWS Marketplace AMI listing, proceed with this selection. Ensure that the publisher of the AMI is BlueCat Networks. For customers who have purchased other versions / SKUs, navigate to the Community AMIs tab and locate the BlueCat AMI that matches the version and SKU. Verify that the Owner ID is Amazon (679593333241) and proceed with the selection.
  3. Click Continue to return to the instance configuration page with the selected AMI.
    Note: Once the BlueCat AMI has been selected and you are returned to the instance configuration page, Verified provider will be listed next to the image name.
  4. Proceed to the Instance type section to continue with instance setup.