Reapplying templates to DHCP ranges and reserved addresses - Adaptive Plugins - BlueCat Gateway - 20.6.1

DHCP Template Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway
If you added IPv4 network templates to DHCP ranges and DHCP reserved addresses, and you wish to apply updated options to the DHCP ranges, you can reapply the updates template to the ranges and reserved addresses.
  • You must be logged in to BlueCat Gateway and have an active session to apply the template.
  • The user account that is logged in to Address Manager to apply the template must also have the following permissions:
    • Address Manager API access.
    • Permissions to access the dhcp_template workflow in BlueCat Gateway.

To reapply IPv4 network templates to DHCP ranges and DHCP reserved addresses:
  1. Log in to Address Manager.
  2. Click the IP Space tab.
  3. Under IPv4 Network Templates, click the name of the IPv4 network template.
  4. On the IPv4 network template Details page, click the Re-apply Template value of the UDF_IPV4_RANGE UDF.

    A new tab opens with the BlueCat Gateway workflow.

On the BlueCat Gateway workflow page, a message appears indicating whether the template was successfully reapplied to the DHCP range or DHCP reserved address. If DHCP options cannot be applied, a message appears with a list of options that were not applied.