Visibility Options - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 21.3.1

Cloud Discovery & Visibility Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Gateway
The following section defines the monitoring settings for importing data into Address Manager.
Attention: The Visibility functionality only imports incremental virtual networks, virtual machine, load balancer, DNS zone, and private endpoint changes to Address Manager.

Under Visibility Options, configure the visibility options:
  • Enable Visibility after Discovery—select this checkbox to continuously monitor changes to the discovered resources from the Azure infrastructure.
  • Update DNS (Selective Deployment)—select this checkbox to update the DNS records in Address Manager and selectively deploy the changes to managed BDDS. This checkbox is disabled by default and only available if you select the Enable Visibility after Discovery checkbox.
    Attention: You must perform a full DNS deployment to the managed BDDS before any subsequent selective deployments can be performed.

    If you are configuring the managed BDDS to manage the cloud infrastructure exclusively, you can perform a discovery job to import the cloud infrastructure into your Address Manager. Once the view and zone information have been successfully imported into Address Manager, you can configure primary and secondary DNS roles for the selected managed BDDS and perform a full DNS deployment. Once the DNS data is deployed to the managed BDDS, you can enable the visibility job to continuously monitor changes to your cloud DNS infrastructure and selectively deploy those changes to the managed BDDS.

  • ADDRESS MANAGER USERNAME—enter the username of the Address Manager user.
    Note: This user should be an administrative API user with full permissions.
  • ADDRESS MANAGER PASSWORD—enter the password of the Address Manager user.