Configuring email - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 21.11.2

Gateway Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Gateway
  1. Log in to BlueCat Gateway.
  2. Select Administration > Email DB/Mail Configuration.
  3. Click mail.
  4. In the Mail Server field, enter the domain of the SMTP host. For example,
  5. In the Mail Port field, enter the port number for mail service.
  6. In the Mail Default Sender field, enter the email address BlueCat Gateway will use to send emails.
  7. In the Mail Admins field, enter the accounts for BlueCat Gateway administrators or users that will serve as mail service administrators.
    If you want to add another mail admin, click Add another admin.
  8. Select Use TLS to enable secure Internet communication.
  9. Select Use SSL to enable SSL validation.
  10. Click Save.