Enabling HTTPS for Gateway using custom SSL certificates - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 21.11.2

Gateway Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

To configure the HTTPS certificates used by BlueCat Gateway when accessed over HTTPS, you must store TLS/SSL certificates for Gateway in your workspace. You can use custom certificates with both custom and built-in workspaces. Install the certificate files in the following locations, relative to the workspace root:

  1. Store the certificate's crt file as certificates/server/gateway.crt, in PEM (Privacy-Enhanced Mail) format. This may include intermediate CA certificates. For more details, see Apache's SSLCertificateFile directive.
  2. Store the certificate's key file for the certificate as certificates/server/gateway.key

After copying certificate files to the workspace, restart the container.

Tip: Versions of BlueCat Gateway prior to v21.5.1 required you to edit the configuration file (.conf) for the HTTPS Apache host to set TLS/SSL certificates. This direct change in host configuration is no longer needed. If this is your current setup, see the next section for details on updating your system.