Configuring BlueCat Overlay for Microsoft - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 22.7

BlueCat Overlay for Microsoft

Product name
BlueCat Gateway

Once you have added the necessary Windows Servers to Address Manager, you can configure DNS and DHCP data to be synchronized with Address Manager. This provides centralized visibility into segmented Windows DNS and DHCP Servers from a single pane of glass while providing benefits of data organization in Address Manager, such as referential integrity of DNS Records and PTR Records and cross-linking records between zones.

Within the BlueCat Overlay for Microsoft workflow, you can access the following workflows:
  • Configure Sync (Read)—select the servers, DHCP networks, and DNS zones to import into Address Manager. You can also configure additional settings and schedule imports of Windows Server data into Address Manager.
  • Manage DHCP—manage DHCP network and reservation information in your Windows DHCP Servers.
  • Manage DNS—manage DNS zones, reverse zones, and record information in your Windows DNS Servers.