Creating an API user in Address Manager - BlueCat Integrity - 9.3.0

Address Manager API Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity

You must be an API user in Address Manager to log on to the system and access the Address Manager API.

Address Manager API users have a specific access type and cannot log in to Address
 Manager through the GUI (graphical user interface) unless access rights for the GUI are
 also granted. Similarly, GUI users cannot connect to Address Manager through the API
 interface unless granted additional API access rights.
Tip: For more
 information about API access and setting up Role-based Access Control (RBAC), refer
 to Users, groups, and access rights in the Address Manager
 Administration Guide.

To create an Address Manager user with API

  1. Log in to the Address Manager user interface as an administrator.
  2. Select the Administration tab.
  3. Under User Management, click Users and Groups.
  4. Under Users, click New.
  5. Under User, enter the API user's name in the Username field.
  6. Under Authentication, enter the API user's password in the Password and Confirm Password fields.
    Note: If external authenticators are available, an Other check box and a list of authenticators displays in this section. To use an external authenticator for the API user, select the Other check box, and then select an authenticator from the list.
  7. Under Extra Information, enter and email address (required) and a phone number (optional) for the API user.
  8. Under User Access, select the Administrator check box if you wish to grant the user administrative access rights.
    Note: Administrators have unlimited access to all Address Manager functions, whereas non-administrators only have access to DNS and IPAM management functions.
  9. Select one of the following options from the Security Privilege drop-down menu:
    • No Access
    • View My Access Rights
    • View Others' Access Rights
    • Change Access Rights
    • Add Access Rights
    • Delete Access Rights
    Note: This drop-down menu is only available for non-administrators.
  10. Select Hide or View History List from the History Privilege drop-down menu.
    Note: This drop-down menu is only available for non-administrators.
  11. Select API or GUI and API from the Access Type drop-down menu.
    Tip: GUI users can access Address Manager only through the Address Manager web interface. API users can access Address Manager only through the API. GUI and API users can access Address Manager through both the Address Manager web interface and the API.
  12. Under, Assign to Group you can assign the user to one or more existing user groups. In the text field, enter the name of a user group. As you type, a list of user groups matching your text appears. Select a name from the list, and then click Add to the right of the text field.
  13. Under Change Control, add comments, if required.
  14. Click Add at the bottom of the page.