External host record generic methods - BlueCat Integrity - 9.3.0

Address Manager API Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity

Update, retrieve, and delete external host records using generic methods.

API methods

Get a list of external host records: GET /v1/getEntities

Delete an external host record: DELETE /v1/delete

Update an external host record's name and comment properties: PUT /v1/update
Note: You can also update external host records that are assigned to IPv4 or IPv6 addresses through PTR records by using the generic update method on the address with the ptrs property. Refer to the following property values and example:
  • null—updates IPv4 or IPv6 address without any change to the existing PTR record.
  • empty string ("")—use an empty string ("") for the ptrs property value when updating. This will remove all PTR records that linked IP addresses to the external host records.
  • Valid comma-separated external host records string—use a valid string. This will remove any PTR records that previously linked IP addresses with the external host records and link newly specified IP addresses to the external host records using PTR records.
    EntityProperties props = new EntityProperties();
           props.addProperty( ObjectProperties.ptrs,  "123,exHostFQDN.com,456,exHostFQDN.net" );
           service.update( ipAddress );