DNS zone templates - BlueCat Integrity - 9.3.0

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BlueCat Integrity

DNS zone templates provide a standard set of DNS records and options that you can maintain in a central location. These templates contain the same tabs as a regular zone except for the Deployment Roles tab.

Add any settings that should be repeated in several zones (such as mail servers or web servers) to a zone template. This allows you to easily and consistently apply the settings across multiple zones. The records and options set in a zone template are created in any zones to which you apply the template.

If you update a record or an option in the template, the update takes effect in all zones associated with the template. Modifying a template-applied record or option in a zone severs the link between the template and the modified record or option. If you re-apply the template, you have a choice to ignore conflicts or overwrite the conflicting objects with the settings in the template.

You can edit zone templates to change the template name. Editing a zone template is exactly the same as building a zone, except for assigning deployment roles, because zone templates are not deployable.