Assign a logging endpoint - BlueCat Edge - Service Point v3.x.x

BlueCat Edge User Guide

Product name
BlueCat Edge
Service Point v3.x.x

Once you create a logging endpoint, you can assign it to a site or multiple sites.

  • You must create at least one logging endpoint to select the Custom logging endpoint option.
  • If the Edge Cloud Console option is not selected, DNS queries will neither be stored nor visible in your Edge Cloud Console.
Note: When both Edge Cloud Console and Custom logging endpoints are selected:
  • The DNS queries will be sent to both endpoints in sequential order starting with the Edge Cloud Console.
  • Failure to load DNS queries to the Edge Cloud Console will be retried until they are successfully uploaded.
  • All DNS queries that are successfully uploaded into the Edge Cloud Console will also be sent to the custom logging endpoint.
  • Failure to load DNS queries to the custom logging endpoint after they were uploaded to the Edge Cloud Console will not result in a retry.
  1. In the top navigation bar, click and select Sites.
  2. Click the checkbox next to one or more Sites and click Update query logging in the top bar.
    Tip: To clear your Site selection, click Clear in the top bar.
  3. Select Edge Cloud Console and/or Custom logging endpoint. If you selected Custom logging endpoint, select a logging endpoint in the dropdown.
  4. Click Update.