Viewing service point diagnostics - BlueCat Edge - Service Point v3.x.x

BlueCat Edge User Guide

Product name
BlueCat Edge
Service Point v3.x.x
Attention: The service point diagnostics UI is only available on Service Point v3.5.2 and greater.

When troubleshooting a service point, you can use the service point diagnostics UI to retrieve a summary of services running on the service point. The service point diagnostics can be accessed through your browser through the following URL: http://<service_point_IP>/ui

The service point diagnostics UI displays the overall health status of the service point, the service point ID, the current software version running on the service point, and the status and version of each service.

Click the header of a column within the table to sort the services.

Click to download the full service point diagnostics JSON file.
Note: You can also retrieve the full service point diagnostics JSON information through the API. For more information, refer to Service point diagnostics API.

Click to download the network probe log of the service point. The network probe logs display the results of the service point attempts at connecting to the Edge Cloud-related endpoints listed in Cloud access requirements. The service point performs a network probe every hour.