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BlueCat Edge User Guide

Product name
BlueCat Edge
Service Point v3.x.x
The Reports tab provides you with insights into trends in your environment based on the data that is collected by Edge. Reports are generated once a day and contain information collected within the past 7 days of the generated report. The data collected is compiled into the following reports:
  • DGA domains
  • Most policied domains
  • Most policied source IPs
  • Increased source IP activity

You can view additional information about each report by clicking the name of the report. You can also download the report in PDF or CSV format by clicking the PDF and CSV icons in the report row.

  1. In the BlueCat Edge window, click .
  2. Select the name of a report to open additional details about the report data.
  3. Click to download a PDF copy of the report or click to download the report in CSV format.
  4. Select the time frame filter to return results between the specified period.

    Select two dates on the calendar to specify the time frame. You can also manually enter the date and time in the From and To fields. This can include both the date and time, or only a date or only a time. If no time is specified, results are returned from 00:00:00 (midnight).

    Note: If you are using keyboard navigation, you can use the Page Up and Page Down keys to navigate between months and years on the calendar.

Most policied domains

The Most policied domains report displays information about the most frequently queried domains that have a policy applied.

Most policied source IPs

The Most policied source IPs report displays information about the most frequently queried source IP addresses that have a policy applied.

DGA domains

The DGA domains report displays information about possible DGA domains detected in your environment.

Increased source IP activity

The Increased source IP activity report displays information IP addresses in your environment that have suddenly increased query activity.