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Product name
BlueCat Edge
Service Point v3.x.x

Update an existing site. Note that all parameters are updated with this action, whether you specify values or not. If you leave a parameter out, its value will be overwritten with no data.

PUT https://api-<BlueCat.edge.url>/v3/api/sites
Authorization: Bearer token
Content-type: application/JSON
    "name": "the new site name", 
    "location": {
         "address": "123 Anystreet, Toronto"
         "lng": "-79.37566709999999",
         "lat": "43.6421529"                
     "settings": {
         "associatedNamespaces": [ 
              "id": "5721f5b9-fe9e-11e7-8bf7-0abb5ee73c46",
              "overridingFowarders": []
      "streamDataToCI": true,
      "loggingEndpointId": "123e4567-e89b-12d3-a456-426614174000"


Name Description Type Required
name The name of the site. Maximum 128 characters; can't begin or end with a whitespace; can't contain " /" in the name.
Note: If you are using the Cisco Umbrella integration, the site name must be a maximum of 45 characters.
String Required
address The site address. Used to look up latitude, longitude, and time zone, if these aren't provided. String Required
lat and lng The latitude (must be a value between "90" and "-90") and longitude (must be a value between "-180" and "180") of the site. If omitted, BlueCat Edge will look this information up based the address. String Optional
timeZone Time zone: A list of permitted time zones is available at this link. Time zone is optional. If you don't specify a time zone, BlueCat Edge will look it up based on the latitude and longitude. If you specify coordinates of a location over a body of water, the default time zone (UTC) is assigned. String Optional
id (under associatedNamespaces) The ID of the namespace associated with the site. If no namespace is specified, the default(s) will be applied. Integer Optional
overridingForwarders The IP address of a forwarder to override the default address(es) in the namespace. Integer Optional
streamDataToCI Sends DNS queries from a service point to the BlueCat Edge Cloud console. The default value is true. If the value is false, loggingEndpointId must have a value. Boolean Optional
loggingEndpointId The ID of local logging endpoint. If this parameter does not have a value, the service point will not send DNS queries to a local logging endpoint. String Optional


  • You can specify up to three namespaces for a site.
  • You can set an explicit order for the namespaces assigned to a site.
  • To remove site-specific settings and revert to global settings for the specified site, supply an empty list of servers.
  • timeZone: A list of acceptable time zones is available at this link.
  • If the value of streamDataToCI is false, loggingEndpointId must have a value. You must choose at least one destination for the DNS queries. DNS queries can also be sent to both the BlueCat Edge Cloud console and the local logging endpoint.

Successful response

Content-Type: application/JSON
Possible error codes
  • UNAUTHORIZED - Missing or invalid token
  • FORBIDDEN - You are not authorized to perform this action