/v1/api/umbrellaIntegrations/{id} (GET) - BlueCat Edge - Service Point v3.x.x

BlueCat Edge User Guide

Product name
BlueCat Edge
Service Point v3.x.x

Returns information about a specific Cisco Umbrella integration.

GET https://api-<BlueCat.edge.url>/v1/api/umbrellaIntegrations/{id}
Authorization: Bearer authorization token


200 OK
Content-Type: application/JSON
    "id": "<id>",
    "name": "<name of integration>",
    "description": "<description>",
    "organizationId": <organization id>,
    "networkDeviceCredentials": {
      "key": "<api key">,
      "updatedAt": "<timestamp of key creation>"
    "createdAt": <timestamp of integration creation>,
    "updatedAt": <timestamp of integration update>,
    "deviceRegistrations": {
      "id": "<id>",
      "scopeId": "<id of the site>",
      "scopeType": "SITE",
      "createdAt": <timestamp of site creation>,
      "umbrellaDevice": {
        "originId": <id of umbrella device>,
        "deviceId": "<device id>",
        "name": "BC Edge - <name of site>",
        "model": "BlueCat_ServicePoint",
        "macAddress": "<mac address>",
        "serialNumber": "<id of the site>",
        "tag": "SITE::<id of the site>"
Possible error codes
  • UNAUTHORIZED - Missing or invalid token
  • NOT FOUND - Specific integration not found
  • INTERNAL SERVER ERROR - Unexpected error