Object tag groups - BlueCat Integrity - 9.5.0

Address Manager Legacy v1 API Guide

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BlueCat Integrity

Object tags can change the entire scheme by which users navigate Address Manager. By tagging various objects, companies can assign privileges based on existing business authority regimes, and limit access to system objects using familiar business models.

Address Manager object tags are arranged in a hierarchical tree structure. This should accommodate most element-based XML designs, because any realistic number of elements are supported at each level of the hierarchy below a top-level or root tag, known as a tag group. The system supports more than 100 levels of tags, so it can accommodate complex nested structures.

The object tagging structure comprises large sets of XML elements that are without attributes. They begin with a root element and all subsequent tags belong to branches below the tag group in a series of parent-child relationships. You cannot apply tag groups to objects.