Importing workflows from the BlueCat GitHub Community Folder - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 22.4.1

Gateway Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Gateway
You can import workflows that are publicly available through the Community folder on the BlueCat Labs GitHub repository.

The Community folder contains workflows provided by members of the GitHub community. Workflows provided by GitHub community members can be used for example purposes or for direct use. Each workflow in this folder has a file containing a brief description of the workflow and the supported Gateway version. Each submitted workflow is reviewed and validated by BlueCat to ensure functionality and usability.

To import workflows from the Community folder:

  1. Clone the public GitHub repository locally.


    Download the gateway-workflows repository as a zip file and unzip the contents locally.

  2. Navigate to the desired workflow directory inside the Community folder and copy the entire folder to your workflows directory.
    cp -r workflow_directory <bluecat_gateway>/workflows
    Permissions to the Community workflows can either be manually added before restarting BlueCat Gateway or added through the Gateway user interface after restarting Gateway.
    Warning: Community workflows created for an earlier version of BlueCat Gateway may not be compatible with the latest version of BlueCat Gateway.
  3. Restart the Gateway container.