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BlueCat Gateway

class bluecat.tag.Tag(api, api_entity)

Bases: bluecat.tag.TagGroup

Wraps the BAM Tag Entity type.

Parameters Description
api API instance used by the entity to communicate with BAM.
api_entity the returned by the BAM API.

add_tag(name, properties=None)

Creates a tag and return its entity id (not per Configuration).

Parameters Description
name Name of tag to be created.
properties Optional properties, including user-defined fields.

Returns: Object ID of created tag.


Returns multiple IPv4 networks linked to the given shared network tag

Returns: Array of entities of all the IPv4 networks linked to the given shared network tag


api = g.user.get_api()              # get api object
tag_id = 10543                      # tag id
tag = api.get_entity_by_id(tag)

networks = tag.get_shared_networks()

for network in networks:


Searches a Tag by name.

Parameters Description
name name of the Tag.

Returns: A Tag object with the specified name.


Using Entity.get_children_of_type to get children of type ‘Tag’

Returns: A iterator of Tag objects listed under the TagGroup object.